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Founder, Creative, Writer and Workshop Facilitator at Instigate Trevor’s role is based on a vision of pursuing growth for the company and the people that he is working with.

Instigate is geared towards being a collaborative, conceptual and imaginative process. It should be reasonable to say The Sky Is The Limit (even if the budget is not), no idea should be dismissed too soon.

Trevor Jones

Trevor has been there to begin conversations to develop projects, pursue ideals and bring reserved projects into production. Even as a Project Coordinator, Trevor follows and adopts best business practice; he also uses his Human Resources experiences to discover and expressing talent while operating as a regular freelancer on the independent filmmakers circuit, as well as being a scriptwriter.

We are happy you found Instigate!

Your business is our pleasure….and we endeavour to approach your projects with idea rich and informative solutions. Our office is London based, but we are capable of working remotely, on-site and planning service in advance. So many of the options you will require are no obstacle at all, as we seek to progress and produce new content. We encourage you to get in touch whether you are in the creative, community or corporate sector.

Instigate combines digital film production, multimedia and professional experts to deliver a service you can consult, resolve problems and identify the creative vision you have been looking for. Whether it is for animation, film, graphic design, website or workshops.

Our unique network reflects diversity, acts with social responsibility and performs with a vibrancy that leaves a positive impression whether it is to create accessibility for young people or address socially relevant issues for hard to reach groups. Instigate understands there are new and future filmmakers keen to demonstrate their talent and stories we can watch. We create films you can share that reaches out to communities, trains departments and entertains audiences.

Instigate encourages creative and innovative processes, presents industry support and collaborates with the ability to deliver dynamic and high quality output, whether you are an individual, a group or a representative of a wider collective, community or company. For further information on the range of services, our professionalism and what we can provide you contact us.

Thank you for arriving and feel free to explore our site.

Trevor Jones – Company Secretary

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