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Creative Writing

Instigate will be running sessions for scriptwriters, playwrights, flash fiction, comedians and Directors turned to writing. As long as your material is up to ten minutes you will be given time and an audience to read with. From there you will receive constructive feedback and notes on your work.

Each piece of material will be transmitted to the group leader and only shared by way of reading or projector – no digital data will be exchanged unless specifically asked to do so.

Editing training

Take steps in achieving confidence, creativity, and efficiency with Avid Media Composer. Together with a sit-in instructor you can spend time learning a series of techniques and develop an understanding of the video editing process and the basic skills to edit a video project from start to finish that includes;

understanding the relationship between media and project files, media storage location, the abilities to create the project file; bring in the source video and audio files; edit the sequence, add titles, music, and basic effects, and then export the finished sequence.

Documentary Filmmaking

An opportunity to learn the principles of documentary filmmaking and key content to accumulate, so that you may have the makings of an interesting and engaging template for an audience to learn what you have discovered and become engrossed with your subject matter and story-telling simultaneously

For documentary, journalistic and reportage purposes only.

Performance training

We are currently seeking to collaborate with a recognised theatre performance training group to deliver an acting training for beginners-to-professionals (although we are not seeking to re-train professional actors). Our in-house services will be inclusive of actor, comedic and stage performances.

Feel free to contact INSTIGATE directly on the nature of these workshops, when they will begin and further details.

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