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Bespoke pre & post production services

Reaching target groups, growing with your audience or generating new leads, we work collaboratively alongside you to produce engaging, broadcast ready and social media styled video.


This ensures we meet objectives through preparation, attention to details, scale and skills that and deliver on time and within budget.



Graphic design solutions are changing the marketing landscape with ever increasing options and almost limitless creative opportunities.


On the one hand that is great news for brands, but delving into ‘design’ can be overwhelming.


We will help you navigate the process and gain a clearer understanding of how graphic design can work for your own brand.

Design solutions for web and print
Learn, discover and explore

Activities include, but are not exclusive to; editing training, creative writing, camera work, rehearsals and script read-throughs. Our core resources are based on digital film production while our associated services make varied workshop templates available from our highly varied collaborative team members have led to a unique blend of training opportunities and workshops, which cater to the diverse requirements of our visitors and clients.
Instigate participants (past and present) have attended a plethora of events, in order to pursue further qualifications and project-specific training alike. Each participant has become an example of an honest and ongoing desire to learn, develop and participate.


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