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Visual Creativity

With the aid of 5+ years Adobe Premier & After Effects experience and 12+ years Photoshop/Illustrator experience using the current Adobe CC 2017 Suite, our team will be using creative problem-solving processes to help you with your visual communication.

Be it video, photography or design and illustration we welcome your inquiry and invite you to ask us anything you wish to know about your task.

Video Editing

Using Avid Media Composer and/or Adobe Premier we can deliver alternative editing techniques that will give you and your client the professional presentation, layout, opening and banners that will reflect your brand, dynamism and scope. 

We can help elevate your previously recorded footage to a new level, so that you can take it beyond montage, dissolves and wipes and move forward as key promotional material, new publicity announcements and exceptional creative content.

Graphic Design

Composing, originating, editing and reformatting graphics, images and pictures to spec. With a clear understanding of Photoshop and the associated Adobe Creative Software's, we can tailor our approach to suit whichever service you may require, be it online, print, stock images and any other purpose you may desire.

We can create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of your ideas and specific messages.  We also deliver corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), advertising, web design, visual communication design and signage.

Website Design

We are fully prepared and quite expecting to step backwards with you, in order to begin your creative process on the website style you want by marrying the ideas you have, with what is possible with your budget available in order to go forwards again.

 If you have a moment we can discuss the back-end coding, CMS, tech requirements and turnaround times that will be most helpful to you, your needs and budget.

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